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13 Top-Recommended Islamic Books and Activities for Muslim Families To Use in The Month of Dhul Hijjah


Furqaan Bookstore is dedicated to nurturing the Islamic faith and educational growth of children. With a wide array of engaging and educational products, our mission is to support Muslim families in providing their children with a strong foundation in Islamic teachings. This season, we are excited to present a special collection of books, games, and activities that will inspire, educate, and entertain young minds. 

Featured Books and Resources 

Eid Day, My Holiday – Alia Mahgoub: This book is a delightful read that introduces children to the joyous celebrations of Eid. Through colorful illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book helps young readers understand the significance of Eid and its traditions, making learning about this important holiday fun and memorable. 

(ON SALE) The Clear Quran® Series Tafsir for Kids with Arabic Text (Hardcover Vol. 1-4 Set) – Dr. Mustafa Khattab: The Clear Quran® Tafsir for Kids set is an invaluable resource for early Quranic education. This four-volume hardcover set offers simplified explanations of Quranic verses, complete with Arabic text. It is designed to help children understand the meaning of the Quran in an accessible and engaging manner. It’s an excellent opportunity for families to invest in their children’s religious education. 

Engaging Stories for Young Readers 

Maruf and Maryam in Mecca for Hajj – Milo Productions: Maryam and Yusuf in Mecca for Hajj is an enchanting story that takes children on a journey to Mecca. Through the eyes of Maruf and Maryam, young readers will learn about the Hajj pilgrimage, its rituals, and its significance. This book provides an educational and captivating way to introduce children to one of the five pillars of Islam. 

(AVAILABLE IN HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK) Zaahir and Jamel The Camel At The Hajj – Goodword Books: Zaahir and Jamel the Camel at the Hajj offers an adventurous and educational story that teaches children about Hajj through the experiences of Zaahir and his loyal camel, Jamel. The book combines fun storytelling with important lessons about the pilgrimage, making it a perfect read for young adventurers. 

Interactive and Fun Learning Activities 

My Hajj Fun Book – Goodword Books: My Hajj Fun Book is packed with activities that make learning about Hajj an exciting experience. From puzzles and coloring pages to quizzes and games, this book provides a variety of interactive ways for children to engage with the concepts of Hajj, enhancing their understanding through play. 

The Story of Prophet Ibrahim: Coloring Book – Goodword Books: The Story of Prophet Ibrahim Coloring Book allows children to explore the life and lessons of Prophet Ibrahim while enjoying the creativity of coloring. This book helps reinforce important Islamic teachings through visual storytelling and hands-on engagement. 

Educational Games and Models 

The Great Mosque Game Goodword: The Great Mosque game is designed to promote learning through play. This educational game introduces children to the architecture and history of significant mosques around the world. It’s a fun and interactive way for families to learn together while fostering a love for Islamic heritage. 

Masjid An-Nabawi Model of the Prophet’s Mosque Educational Islamic Building Blocks Set – MUSLIM BLOCKS: The Masjid An-Nabawi model set offers children a hands-on educational experience. By building a model of the Prophet (SAW)’s mosque, children can learn about its history and significance. This set encourages creativity and fine motor skills while providing a deeper understanding of important Islamic landmarks. 

Kaaba Bricks –  Islamic Building Blocks: Kaaba Bricks are another excellent hands-on learning tool. These building  blocks allow children to construct a model of the Kaaba, helping them connect with the history and importance of this sacred site. It’s a fun and education way to engage children with their faith. 

Tell Me About Series

My Tell Me About Series Box (5-Book Set) – Goodword: The Tell Me About series offers a comprehensive collection of books covering various Islamic topics. This five-book set provides children with valuable knowledge about different aspects of Islam, presented in an engaging and age-appropriate manner. These books cater to different age groups, making them a versatile addition to any family’s library. 

Activity Booklets for Different Age Groups

Hajj Activity Booklet (Ages 4) – Earth Custodians: The Hajj Activity Booklet for ages 4 and up is filled with age-appropriate activities that introduce young children to the concepts of Hajj. Through coloring, puzzles, and simple games, this booklet makes learning about Hajj accessible and fun for younger children. 

Hajj and Umrah Activity Book (Big Kids 8+) – Learning Roots: For older children, the Hajj and Umrah Activity Book offers more advanced activities that encourage a deeper understanding of these important Islamic rituals. With detailed explanations and engaging tasks, this book is perfect for children aged 8 and up.

Hajj and Umrah Activity Book (Little Kids 5+) – Learning Roots: Bridging the gap between different age groups, the Hajj and Umrah Activity Book for kids aged 5 and up provides fun and educational content tailored for young learners. This book helps children grasp the basics of Hajj and Umrah through enjoyable activities.

Furqaan Bookstore is proud to offer this carefully curated collection of Islamic educational resources. These books, games, and activities are designed to nurture faith, inspire learning, and provide fun for the whole family. We encourage you to explore our collection and invest in your children’s Islamic education this holy season. Visit Furqaan Bookstore today and discover the perfect resources to support your family’s faith journey.