The Clear Quran

About the Publisher


BSF Publishing is a publisher and distributor that aims to bring to the broader Western audience Islamic Books from authentic sources in both English and Spanish. From its humble beginnings in 2003, it has become the primary source of THE CLEAR QURAN® Series – one of the best renditions of the holy book of the Muslim, The Quran, in the English language. Additionally, EL-Coran, a Spanish translation of the Quran is also hailed as one of the best translations for Latino Spanish speakers of the West in North and South America.

FIQE, a division of Al-Furqaan Foundation, was founded with a mission to educate Muslims in the U.S.A., by providing a variety of services that include publishing of books and materials on different media, providing resources to Muslims in prisons, programs for new Muslims & adult classes on Quranic Sciences. FIQE is the publisher of THE CLEAR QURAN® Series – English with Arabic Text Editions.