The Clear Quran

To make the book more manageable for young students, it has been divided into four volumes. In its entirety, The Clear Quran® Tafsir for Kids will be over 1,500 pages. A new volume is released every two years, with an expected completion date of 2024, inshAllah (God willing). Volumes are divided based on an authentic ḥadith reported by Imam Aḥmad, wherein the Prophet ﷺ said that the Quran is made up of four sections:

  1. Aṭ-Ṭiwal الطِّوَال (the long surahs), which—according to many scholars—include Al-Baqarah (2) to At-Tawbah (9).
  2. Al-Mi’un الْمِئُون (the surahs of about 100 verses), which include Yunus (10) to Al-Qaṣaṣ (28).
  3. Al-Mathani الْمَثَانِي (the surahs less than 100 verses), which include Al-’Ankabut (29) to Al-Fatḥ (48).
  4. Al-Mufaṣṣal الْمُفَصَّل(the short surahs), which include Al-Ḥujurat (49) to An-Nas (114) as well as Al-Fatiḥah (1).