The Clear Quran

THE CLEAR QURAN® Series Made Easy: Story-Based Tafsir

The purpose of The Clear Quran Made Easy is to empower everyone-regardless of their age or background—to develop a personal relationship with the Quran, appreciate its universal message. and grow in faith.

This is the world’s first complete story-based tafsir (SBT), which utilizes the power of storytelling as an effective tool for understanding, internalizing, and living the lessons and insights of the Quran.

Packed with hundreds of relevant side stories, background stories, and words of wisdom, this work aims to touch hearts and engage minds.

The following are some important features of this book:

  • Surah introductions provide a brief overview of each chapter.
  • Surahs are broken down into titled passages, based on theme.
  • Background stories provide the historical context or reasons why certain passages were realed.
    Every effort has been made to ensure that all background stories cited in this book are authentic.
  • Carefully selected historical and contemporary side stories, as well as personal anedotes, are used to help the reader better understand a passage. However, these stories are not directly related to why passages were revealed.
  • Words of wisdom highlight the main lessons or gems to be learned from passages and provide answers to many challenging questions that are commonly asked about faith and life.
  • Readers will learn about the Quran’s 3 main themes, and can see which themes are included in each surah at the end of the book’s introduction.
  • The thematic index at the end of the book makes it easy to find each of those 3 themes throughout the Quran.


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